Friday, January 31, 2014

There Are Opportunities Out There If You Have Your Captain’s License

If you want to be a captain, you are in luck. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there should be a fifteen percent growth in water vessel occupations within the next ten years. Where will the jobs be? They will most likely be within the tourism and transportation industries. As the economy and tourism recover and the government looks to create more green solutions for transportation, operators of water vessels will be in higher demand. That means those with a captain’s license or master captain’s license may be able to find work very easily in the near future.

In regard to tourism, as more and more people look to spend leisurely time out in the water, they will need a captain to lead them out. Water ferries and charter boats are a great way to sight-see and get a new perspective on an area. Charter fishing and deep sea fishing have become very popular outings as well. These opportunities can be very lucrative and don’t seem to be ending anytime soon especially with the popularity of some Discovery shows that promote the outdoors like Man vs. Wild and The Deadliest Catch. As tourism and charter fishing trips continue to grow, more charter boat captain jobs should be available.

The transportation industry is another avenue for those with a captain’s license to consider for employment. There will be new opportunities in the Hawaiian Islands as new cruise ships are planned to meet demand as well as in commercial shipping due to congestion on the railways. Moreover, ferries are seen as a low-cost green approach to handling commuter traffic and congestion. The upkeep and construction of bridges far exceed the costs of operating a ferry.

These are just some of the many opportunities available for those with a captain’s or master captain’s license. It should be exciting to see what the future holds.



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