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So you want to be a Captain? Online learning Myth vs. Reality

Is online learning right for you?
A recent GALLUP poll found that 33% of Americans believed that online education provided the best curriculum options and was a better value economically compared to traditional classroom education. Studies show that online instructional programs work! That said, there are still fence-sitters out there who are reluctant to take the plunge.

The following list outlines some of the most common myths associated with earning your Captain's License online.

Myth #1: All online courses are the sameNot true!  Just like a traditional face-to-face class, the quality of online classes can vary greatly. Those organizations with restricted budgets or little online teaching experience may use formats that offer little more than text-heavy electronic correspondence courses.  However, on the other end of the spectrum, Mariners Learning System uses color, graphics, animation and simulations to assist with the learning process that can rival a Hollywood production. 

Myth #2:  Taking online courses is "settling" for a lesser-quality education. Many students enroll in an online course due to necessity rather than choice. They may live in a rural area or find themselves struggling to balance multiple obligations making it difficult to attend a traditional brick-and-mortar type school. The growing consensus is that online learning, if done well, can rival or in many cases surpass, the levels of quality and student education found in a traditional classroom setting. The content of Mariners Learning System online curriculum is comparable to that found in face-to-face classrooms in terms of material covered, but the online platform facilitates a broader array of delivery styles and greater level of interaction among students.

Myth #3: With online education you are "going it alone." As of the fall 2013, seven million people were taking online college courses in the U.S. alone. As an online student, you are part of a growing academic community of those who consider turning on a computer to be an integral part of "attending class." The truth is that by becoming a Mariners Learning System student you are not "going it alone" by any measure. Simply investing some time in clicking around the classroom and other parts of our school website will reveal a robust network of resources in place to support you.

Myth #4: Online courses are not as engaging as face-to-face courses. Online courses can be just as engaging as traditional face-to-face courses — but in different ways. Our instructors have a variety of tools to foster and support online engagement. They may use voice-over presentations and training videos to deliver a lecture, facilitate an online discussion between a student and staff, offer one-on-one telephone instruction; the possibilities are endless. But just as with face-to-face courses, online courses require active participation to gain the most out of the experience.

Myth #5: Online instructors are not as qualified as in-classroom faculty. Every Mariners Learning System instructor is a USCG Licensed Master that has gone through a rigorous approval process meeting the standards of the United States Coast Guard to become a certified instructor. They bring a level of knowledge, experience, and professionalism that add to the total learning experience. In the rare event an online instructor cannot answer your question, toll fee telephone support with one of our Staff Instructors will be provided.

 About Mariners Learning System

The Mariners Learning System is highly regarded and recognized, with its award winning courses earning the approval of the United States Coast Guard, National Maritime Center, Department of Military, Veteran Affairs, and Homeland Security.

The Mariners Learning System course materials include eBooks, training videos, and broadcast-quality audio lectures that are available on demand for every major device, including PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, tablets, and MP3 players. This "Anytime and Anywhere" learning approach allows you to learn wherever and whenever you have time time to study - at home, on a train, on a boat, or just sitting in traffic.

By assuming you know nothing to start, we teach you the basics while gradually building on that foundation to give you the complete breadth of knowledge you need to become a master seaman and pass your captain's exam. This learning method, refined and perfected by years of experience, has proven remarkably effective and is the reason Mariners Learning System has one of the highest success rates in the industry.

Upon completion of a course, taking our proctored exam, and meeting other requirements such as documenting sea-time and passing a physical examination, you simply submit, within one year, the application package to the nearest Coast Guard Regional Exam Center and upon their review and approval, they will issue the license.

Are you interested in learning more? If so, watch this 4 minute demo and learn what all the excitement is about!


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