Monday, July 7, 2014

So you want to be a Captain? You’re not alone!

If you are thinking of becoming a licensed Captain, you are not alone. Becoming licensed by the
U.S. Coast Guard is a dream shared by many people for a variety of reasons, both personal and financial. For some, it is the idea of earning a living while working on the water. For others, it is the skill and mastery they achieve by becoming licensed. For many sea lovers, it is the respect, admiration, and personal satisfaction that come from being certified as a Captain.

Thousands of people each year apply to become licensed by the Coast Guard. The fact that so many people have taken the steps to become licensed speaks volumes about the allure, attraction, and aura of being a Captain. If the idea of earning your USCG license appeals to you, be assured its a goal you can achieve with a reasonable amount of effort and focused study.

What type of people become licensed Captains?
  • Those who would like to turn their passion for boating into a Money Earning Endeavor
  • Recreational boaters who want to increase their Seamanship Skills for more knowledge and personal accomplishment
  • Boaters whose family members have concerns about Safety
  •  Boat owners who can gain Tax Advantages or Lower Insurance Costs
  •  Boaters who would like to improve their resume and Become a Licensed Expert
  • Retirees who would like a Second Career
Having a Captain's license enables people to engage in a wide range of activities and business ventures. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

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