Woman SmilingIf you are eager to start your new career as an officially licensed USCG Captain or are looking for an extra challenge to become a safer more knowledgeable boater by taking our approved captain’s license course, you are in the right place! Obtaining your USCG Captain’s License is more achievable and realistic for you now than ever before. The entire process of getting a USCG captain’s license can take a handful of months, from starting the course to having your Captain’s License in your hands. With our integrated, self-paced, online training platform, we streamline the process by delivering the most accurate information complimented by the best customer service support!

"Diving In”: Do you have enough qualifying boating experience?

The Coast Guard requires you to have a minimum of 360 days of boating experience since you were 16 years old, with 90 of those days in the last 3 years to display recency on the water. This fulfils the requirement for necessary boating experience for your original license.

Most people will have acquired time aboard their own vessel(s), a friend's boat or even working as a deckhand.

It’s not uncommon for students to start the other requirements prior to meeting the sea service experience (360 Days), but you must meet all the requirements by the time you submit to the USCG.

“Setting Sail”: How long does the course take?

Our USCG approved online self-paced courses allow you to pursue your dream of becoming captain on your own time, around your own schedule without having to take time off work, use vacation time, or cram valuable information in to try and pass a test.

Our goal is to make our students safer, more educated boaters. With the freedom and flexibility of our online format, those utilizing MLS have experienced an unmatched 98.7% success rate over the past 20 years.

Our captain’s license courses can range anywhere from 30-50 hours of study time. We have had students complete our course in as little as 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months!

Once you pass our online proctored exam, we will issue a certificate of completion that fulfills the written requirement for obtaining a USCG Captain’s License. You will have 1 year to submit your certificate and a completed application package to the Coast Guard.

“I Think We’re Lost”: What information do I need to submit to the Coast Guard?

Strategically planning out the completion of the application will expedite the licensing process. Our recommendation for the fastest issuance of your Captain’s License would be to start scheduling your appointments as you get closer to completing our course and testing for the final exam.

  • You will be required to fill out the Application Form
  • Schedule a physical with your primary care physician
  • Schedule a DOT (Department of Transportation) Drug Test
  • Document your boating experience
  • Apply for a TWIC Card
  • Take an approved Adult First Aid/CPR Certification course through American Heart Association, American Red Cross or PADI
  • Submit your Official Mariners Learning System Certificate of Completion

"Reel Em’ In”: What happens after I submit all necessary documents?

The process of reviewing the application typically takes the Coast Guard anywhere from 4-6 weeks (about 1 and a half months).

You CANNOT operate professionally until you have your license in hand.

An aspiring captain would start by taking our approved USCG captain’s license course(s), which has had the Coast Guard’s seal of approval since 2002! Upon successfully completing our course, said student would then sit for our USCG Approved Online Proctored Exam(s). With hopes of our students becoming a part of the 98.7% success rate, students then have the responsibility of submitting a completed application packet to the USCG for approval. Once the application is reviewed and processed, your official MMC credential will be mailed to your home address. It looks a lot like a passport!

Are you ready to be a Captain?

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