Articles on So, You Want to be a Captain?

What Can I Do with a Towing Endorsement?

Nick Vassallo & Eddie Saliani   |     06, Jan 2023

What is the Largest Boat You Can Operate Professionally with a Captain...

Nick Vassallo & Eddie Saliani   |     18, Nov 2022

My Life as a Captain

Captain Paul Costello   |     11, Nov 2022

What Captain’s License Do I Need to Operate on Inland Waterways?

Nick Vassallo & Eddie Saliani   |     12, Jul 2022

Is There a Practical Test to Become a Captain?

Nick Vassallo   |     10, Jun 2022

How Much Does a Captain’s License Cost?

Nick Vassallo & Eddie Saliani   |     23, May 2022

What Are My Next Steps After Passing the Captain’s License Written Req...

Nick Vassallo   |     13, May 2022

What Are Common Errors Students Make with Online Testing?

Nick Vassallo   |     01, May 2022

What Captain’s License Do I Need to Operate on the Ocean?

Nick Vassallo   |     15, Apr 2022

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