The cost varies depending on which captain's license you are looking for! 

Whether for professional or personal use, you have two options regarding the captain's license. You can go for the OUPV/Six-pack or the 25/50/100-Ton Masters 

The entire investment can range in minimum costs from $850 & up. This includes the costs of the course/exam and the fees associated with your application, as well as the other license requirements.   

Now let’s look at the breakdown of the total investment for obtaining your license.  

Written Requirement through MLS 

You have a couple of options when purchasing our courses: Online Course and Exam (Digital Edition) or add-on the chart plotting tools and hard copy study guides for our Deluxe Edition.  

The Digital Editions come with our USCG-approved online course and final exam, in addition to a training chart. The OUPV/Six-Pack investment is $495 and the 25/50/100 Ton Masters investment is $695.  

The Deluxe Editions include what the Digital Editions do, plus a kit of physical materials, like hard-copy study guides and chart plotting tools. The OUPV/Six-Pack investment is $595 + shipping and the 25/50/100 Ton Masters investment is $795 + shipping. 

While most of our competitors charge a fee for testing, Mariners Learning System does not charge testing fees or taxes on any packages. 

Check out the products here: OUPV/Six-Pack or the 25/50/100-Ton Masters 

Application Costs 

Regarding the educational process, your Mariners Learning System tuition will cover the costs of the course and exam that satisfies the Coast Guard's written requirement. 

In addition to the costs associated with MLS, you will be responsible for the following: 

Physical Examination 
  • Your insurance provider may cover this
  • However, without insurance, this can cost up to $200 
DOT (Department of Transportation) Drug Test
  • Ranging from $75 to $95, typically
TWIC Card (Background Check) 
  • $125 through TSA 
Basic First Aid/Adult CPR Certification (In-Person)  
  • Prices vary depending on where you go; this may be free 
  • Many community hospitals, local fire departments, and first aid squads offer this course 
Application Fee 
  • $145 ($100 application fee + $45 issuance fee) through 
Boating Experience Documentation 
  • This is FREE! 
  • You will fill out the small vessel sea service form to document your boating experience 

Regardless of whether you choose Mariners Learning System or another organization, you must complete your USCG application and be responsible for all the costs.  

Click here to check out our courses, or if you're ready to invest in your future as a USCG Licensed Captain, call us at (609) 303-0664 and get ready to set sail! 

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