The Towing Endorsement is required if you are looking to tow a disabled vessel for payment. This endorsement can be attached to either an OUPV/Six-Pack or 25/50/100-Ton Master captain’s license. With a Towing Endorsement, you can work professionally for a company like Sea Tow or TowBoatUs.  

Can I Make Money?

With the Towing Endorsement, you will be equipped with the knowledge and know-how to safely tow a disabled vessel. You will be legally allowed to charge for this service.  

According to BoatUS, the going rate for towing in a disabled vessel can range from $250-$300 per hour. These rates can increase due to bad weather or if requested at night.   

Also, there is an opportunity to charge a patron for having to “unground” their vessel. This cost can range anywhere from $20/foot or more! 

What Size Vessel Can This Endorsement Be Used On?  

Any USCG license of 200 gross tons or less, including an OUPV/Six-Pack/Masters License, may be endorsed for assistance towing. 

If you are looking for an employment opportunity or a way to make extra money, a towing endorsement is quick and easy. Or if you're just looking for the added knowledge to lend a helping hand, then a towing endorsement would be in your best interest.

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