TWICLearn whether a background check could prevent you from obtaining your captain's license. Mariners Learning System breaks down the requirements.  

Individuals must provide biographic and biometric information, such as fingerprints, and sit for a digital photograph. Also, they must successfully pass a security threat assessment, which TSA conducts.  

Pre-enrollment is recommended as it saves the applicant time by enabling them to provide their biographical information and make an appointment for in-person enrollment. 

The total process should only take a few weeks. If you're eager to submit your application, the Coast Guard will accept a receipt from the purchase. 

For more information about the TWIC card, check out this article: Click Here 

Additionally, if you have any convictions, even if it was expunged, you will complete Form CG-719C.

  • Used to disclose convictions from the applicant's history
  • Be truthful on these forms and do not attempt to hide anything, as the Coast Guard will find out
  • If you have no history of convictions, you will not need to submit form CG-719C

The Coast Guard does also pull your driving records. Speeding tickets are not the issue; they are looking for more severe problems such as DWI or DUIs.  

Overall, it does not matter about the nature of the work; you will need to have a TWIC card if you wish to apply for a captain's license. Also, you must include convictions and allow the Coast Guard access to your driving records. 

The requirement for a TWIC card may be waived when you apply for a captain’s license renewal. If you have a valid TWIC card, you can include it with your renewal application, but if your TWIC card has expired since you find got your license, you may not need to renew it. Reach out to the Coast Guard to check on your status at 888-427-5662. 

Feel free to reach out to one of our licensing specialists at (609) 303 – 0664, M-F 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. to learn about applying for a captain's license!

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