Benefits of earning a USCG LicenseWhen asked  what is the primary benefit of getting a license our first response goes something like this: “Getting your license is like having a key that is capable of opening many doors… If an opportunity presents itself and you have the key (Captain’s License) you can either choose to walk through the door or around… However, if you do not have the correct key you will never be able to unlock the door.” Funny thing about this saying… The more keys I have hanging from my belt the luckier I keep getting! 
So why do most want to get their license in the first place?  
  • To work as a paid captain or mate
  • To start a fishing charter business
  • To learn or refresh your boating and seamanship skills
  • To earn a credential that shows your experience and may even reduce insurance costs
This is just a short list of the reasons why many of our clients decide that now is the time to earn their Captain’s License.
What if becoming a full time Captain is not for you… Perhaps 80% of our clients get their license for the personal knowledge and safety that will comes from that knowledge. They have no interest in using their licenses professionally, however, they recognize that some day those plans may change… Many of our students are guys and gals looking to supplement their current full time income with some additional cash…. They find jobs working for BoatUS or perhaps working for the Duck Boats or a Sea Taxi operation ferrying passengers around. This type of work can be seasonal and does not need to interfere with your full time job. 
mariners at seaWhat if you own a boat and wish to turn your passion of fishing into a paycheck. By earning  your Captain’s License you can turn this dream into a reality. What kind of money can you charge? Captain John Luchka of Long Run Fishing Charters ( offers half-day fishing trips for $650.00. Captain John works full time for Princeton Tec as an Industrial Sales Manager. On many weekends throughout the year he is off doing what he loves… Sharing the fishing experience with others. “Since getting my license I have established my guide service out of New York, Long Run Fishing Charters. Besides earning additional income, I have had the opportunity to speak at and market my business at fishing and boating shows as well as network with others in the industry. It has also led to writing for numerous magazines and appearing on Addictive Fishing TV, Northeast Angling TV and appearing with George Poveromo and his Saltwater Sportsman Seminar Series.” 
You do the math… If this sounds like something you are interested in without a license it will always be a dream and never become your reality. We would love to hear what you think about this post. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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