The USCG captain’s license is good for a lifetime! However, the Coast Guard requires you to renew the OUPV/Six-Pack or Masters license up to 100 GRT every 5 years. If you’re unable to renew the license within 5 years, the Coast Guard offers a 1-year grace period. During this grace period, you cannot use your license professionally though. You can renew your license up to 6 months in advance.  

Each renewal, the Coast Guard requires you to maintain at least 360 days on the water over the span of that 5-year period. However, if you are unable to meet those needs, you will be required to take a Deck License Renewal course in lieu of the boating experience.  

There are 3 main course subjects that will be reviewed within our Deck License Renewal course: 

  • Navigational Rules of the Road 
  • Deck Safety 
  • Deck General 

Many students also find this course valuable to touch up on the key topics for operating safely out on the water! 

You will submit the following forms for your renewal application: 

  • Application form CG-719B (you do not need to complete the oath) 
  • Drug testing form CG-719P 
  • Physical form CG-719K 
  • Conviction form CG-719C (only if this applies to you) 
  • TWIC copy 
  • MLS certificate (in lieu of the sea service) OR Small Vessel Sea Service form  
  • Application fee through 

You do not need to submit a CPR/First Aid card, but you will need to have proof of current certifications when using your license professionally.  

If I was submitting mine, I'd also include a copy of my original license. 

The most important thing to remember is to renew your license every 5 years. If you can get out on the water at least 6 days a month over the course of those 5 years, then you can avoid having to start from scratch. Don’t think you can manage that? No worries. You can take our Deck License Renewal course. If not, you will lose your license and need to fulfill the original licensing requirements again.


NOTE: If for any reason you cannot meet the renewal requirements, like a specific medical condition, you can put your license on hold indefinitely through continuity. With this, you would only need to submit an application and pay the appropriate fees. If and when the day comes to renew, you will simply take your license out of continuity and proceed forward with the application process. 

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