Mariners Learning System's teaching style is based on assuming that you know nothing. This does not mean that we speak down to you, rather we build the foundation on which you learn from the ground up. We will teach you all the necessary elements to becoming a USCG certified captain, from the comfort of your home! Our course is designed to help you understand the information rather than just memorize the answers. This will make you a safer, more knowledgeable boater out on the water. 

Here is a quick story on how knowing the Rules of the Road can save your life.

Below you will find a list of learning tools Mariners Learning System provides that help cater to all our different types of learners. 

Inside of your online course you will have access to… 

Full Color Digital Study Guides 

These allow you to download a PDF of a digital e-book that can be printed out. This can be helpful to have a study guide that you can mark up or highlight key points.  

Training Videos 

Videos are placed throughout the course and are professionally narrated with cartoon graphics, designed to make learning fun and engaging. 

In-depth Audio Lectures 

There are downloadable audio lectures that can be used for offline use! 

Lecture/Reading/Module Quizzes & Exams 

The lecture you will read through will prepare you to take the module quizzes and end of module exams. This is crucial for our students' success. When you can consistently pass the course quizzes and exams with a 90% or greater, this shows that you are adequately prepared for the final exam. 

Electronic Flashcards 

This is a tool that is unlocked once you have a clear understanding of course material and successfully pass the module quiz with a 90% or greater. The reason we do not offer up the flashcards until after you pass the quiz is because students have had a tendency of just studying the flashcards to prepare for the final. The downside to this is that many students have not had success with this method of study. The flashcards are included in the OUPV/Six-pack, Masters and Deck license renewal course.  

Chart Plotting Tools 

As part of our Deluxe Edition, we will send you a set of chart plotting tools which include: 

  • Weems & Plath parallel slide rulers 
  • Weems & Plath dividers 
  • Pencils, a sharpener and an eraser 

Tools are necessary to complete the online course and charting courses when you can't use GPS or practicing plotting exercises. You can also purchase the tools as a standalone product here 

24/7 Live Technical Support 

Lastly, we offer a Technical Support service that is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If it’s 2am and you have a technical question, need help launching the exam or getting your webcam working, you can count on us for assistance.  

Our technical support team can be reached by calling the office phone number (609) 303-0664 and selecting “Option 3”. 

Now that you know what is included, what are the pros and cons of online vs in-person? 

One of the most important decisions that you will make is how you want to take your course.  

Here is a video which points out the differences. 

A tool that we offer to assist you in your online course is access to licensed USCG instructors! If you ever have any questions, you can simply and speak with a licensed captain. Or, if you have a specific question for an instructor, there is our Self-Help Desk to reach them directly: “It’s like being in a classroom setting. The instructor is at your disposal.” 

Online Course

Our USCG approved online self-paced courses allow you to pursue your dream of becoming captain on your own time, around your own schedule without having to take time off of work, use vacation time, or cram valuable information in to try and pass a test. 

Our goal is to make our students safer, more educated boaters, with the freedom and flexibility of our online format. 

Here is a short one minute video to explain how we help you take that next step to accomplish your dream. 

Online Testing

Mariners Learning System pioneered the online captain’s license exam. We were the first company to get the Coast Guard’s seal of approval in 2020 to offer an approved online proctored exam. Once students successfully complete the course, they will take the final exam online. This exam fulfills all written requirements necessary per the USCG. 

More than 100,000 people have taken our course since 2002. We currently have 10,000 aspiring captains enrolled! Our students enjoy a 98.7% success rate passing their final exam. 

We feel that teaching understanding and not just how to pass an exam has contributed to that success. 

Learn more about why our students succeed here

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