Water+taxiAs the economy and tourism recover and the government looks to create more green solutions for transportation, operators of water vessels will be in a higher demand. That means those with a captain's license may be able to find work in the near future.The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there should be a 15 percent growth in water vessel occupations within the next 10 years. The sectors with the most job opportunities will most likely be the tourism and transportation industries.
Other commercial opportunities for captain's include:
  •  Yacht Delivery - The cost of transporting a boat more than 8-feet wide by land can be very high, making boat delivery by water a very attractive option for boat owners. Wealthy boat owners employ licensed captains to move their boats from port to port, and every boat on display at an in-water boat show was likely transported using a delivery captain. Insurance companies typically require that a delivery captain be a licensed master. Yacht delivery can be a lucrative profession and compensation usually includes a set daily fee, travel expenses to and from the vessel, and a per diem for  meals.
  • Sea Trials - Many boat brokers and dealers use licensed captains to take potential customers on demonstration rides, or sea trials. Although regulations do not require that a boat broker or salesperson must be a licensed captain, it is a wise business practice to provide the safest and most conductive sea experience to buyers.
  • Water Taxi - This is a great way to get your foot in the door. While not the highest paying opportunities, water taxi businesses are always looking for extra captains to fill their ranks. Besides skippering the boat, most water taxi captains serve as tour guides who entertain passengers by imparting local knowledge. Water taxi captains are usually paid by the hour and, like their counterparts, also depend on tips. 
Thousands of people each year apply to become a boat captain. The fact that so many people have taken the steps to become a captain speaks volumes about the allure, attraction, and aura of becoming a captain. If the idea of becoming a captain appeals to you, be assured it is a goal you can achieve with a reasonable amount of effort and focused study.
As an unrivaled alternative to traditional testing methods, the Mariners Learning System™ approved courses are designed to give you the knowledge and know-how to earn your captains license conveniently from anywhere you have access to the internet.

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